About the World Universities Debating Championship

The World Universities Debating Championship, often shorted to the WUDC or "Worlds,"  is one of the largest international student events on the planet. Held each year from December 27 - January 4, the WUDC brings together between 350 and 500 teams of two, plus several hundred judges and hundreds of observers, together for a competition which in the crowning of an undisputed English-language world champion of collegiate debate.

The WUDC is hosted each year in a different country by a different institution. The 2019 World Championship is hosted by the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Typically universities from over sixty countries, and every inhabited continent, attend the competition.


The official debate format of the WUDC is British Parliamentary. In debate, the WUDC crowns world champions in three language categories, Open, English as a Second Language, and English as a Foreign Language, as well as in a Masters division (for those who have graduated or exhausted their eligibility but not lost the thirst for glory).

In addition to the debate competitions, the WUDC also crowns a world champion in Public Speaking, in the after-dinner style.


Full eligibility rules are governed by the WUDC Constitution, as interpreted by the World Universities Debating Council and the Adjudication Core of the tournament. But in general, any full-time student at a degree-granting institution of higher education is eligible to compete at the tournament up to four times.


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